Akita Japanese Akita breeder *** *** in the VDH / FCI

Current events

We expect our C-litter

red Akita puppies around 11.24.2010

from the mating:


Vater: Akashio Go Koisakura Kensha
(rot, geb. 2009)

Mutter: Ajia-Jin
Akamatsu no Mori
(rot, geb. 2008)

Breeder-quality seal


“Konnichi” wa or Good day!

We would like to welcome all Akita friends on www.akita-akamatsu-no-mori.de.

Our names are Angelika and Hans Joachim Bethke and we are active breeders of the wonderful Japanese Akita. Make yourself at home and get an idea of our homepage. You will find information about us and our Akita breeding kennel „Akamatsu no Mori“ (english: “from the pinewood”).

As a member of the Japan Akita e. V. we raise the Akitas in accordance with the strict breeding rules of the VDH / FCI.

Documentation C-litter / B-Litter / A-Litter

18.10.2010 ultrasound confirmed - Ajia is pregnant
22.09.2010 Ajia was covered by Akashio
30.08.2010 In our site you can now find
                     Detailed information about entertainment / character ,
                     Education , nutrition and health
05.06.2010 winner in the intermediate class (SG 1) was Ajia-jin in the
                     Club Dog Show in Söllichau
                     ... and 2nd place in group competition with Ajia-jin, Accasha
                     and Anais from our A-litter
18.04.2010 B-Litter - All puppies are in new home
10.02.2010 The first puppy pictures of our B-litter
09.02.2010 The puppies are here.(1 female, 3 males)
06.01.2010 ultrasound revealed - Eiri is pregnant!
12.12.2009 mating and breeding female Eiri Ryuu-Go
30.11.2009 breed requirement for Eiri to November 2011
30.11.2009 breed requirement for Ajia-jin to November 2011
08.11.2009 Junior Winner V1 for Ajia-jin on the special breed dog
                     JA Exhibition - YES
07.11.2009 HD Report "Ajia jin" - HD A1

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Updated: 20.10.2010

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